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New Life: Relocation

Relocating to a new country is always a challenge on several levels. There are many factors to consider before taking the plunge. Spain today is considered the best country in the EU, and probably in the world, to retire or to telecommute.

The retirement in Spain is not something new, for decades Germans, English and French have been doing it in the coasts of Balearic, Alicante and Malaga, not as tourists but as permanent residents with housing and enjoying 365 days a year of Spain.

The Mediterranean quality of life has always been a great demand for north Europeans, which have even formed great colonies in areas of Mallorca and Benidorm, where the Spaniards look like foreigners.

Relocation with New Life

New fashion relocation

The new fashion of relocation is for young people and families who, taking advantage of the booming of teleworking worldwide after the pandemics, decide to come to live in Spain, Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol mainly, taking advantage of a spectacular quality of life given by climate, gastronomy, security, health system and mainly by the affordability of prices, which even being top peak, rents will be around 1000 and 2000 euros per month in city center or residential neighbourhoods of excellent level in cities like Alicante, Malaga or Valencia.

New Life: RelocationIt is important to choose the good area when we decide to move in. Depending on the family size, the willingness to drive to commute and simply the likeliness of living in the city or in a residential area, there will be many options of neighbourhoods and areas that preferably, should be explained by professionals that work accordingly to get offer you the best options. It is a great save of time and effort, and in many cases, counting with the right real estate professional will spare you hours of frustration and disappointment.

Facilities provided by the country.

The facilities that Spain is offering at state level for the relocation of foreigners are worthy of admiration, since besides typical non-profit visa or student visa, it has launched the Nomad visa, which allows independent workers in the technology sector to obtain temporary residence at a fairly low tax cost. It is necessary to consult which type of visa is the most appropriate for your specific case, and this is an issue where NEW LIFE can help you.

Relocation with New Life

Advantages of moving to cities like Malaga or Alicante.

Other great advantages offered by these areas for new foreign residents are the facilities for work and schooling of children. With good advisors, as we do here at NEW LIFE, it will be easy to find a business center or co-working space to develop your activity. At any area, we can get internet fiber 500M easily, in case you want to work from home. In terms of schooling for children in Spain is very simple, just by being registered in Spain we can enrol our children in the public school which is of good quality and free. And if you want to opt for multilingual or private options, it is easy to find specialized schools from 500 euros per month per child.

Finally, one of the advantages of moving to cities like Malaga or Alicante is their airports, that along with Madrid and Barcelona, are the most important in main land Spain. They have great international traffic, and you will be able to move to any part of Europe practically every day and in just a few hours.

Relocation with New Life

Relocation with New Life


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