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Find out all the services we provide to ensure you a smooth and secured process to invest or move to Spain.


About Us

We aim to get only satisfied clients thanks to our experience and commitment to help expatriates moving to Spain, whether temporarily or permanently.

The core of our business is transparency, availability and trust, so that we have already advised dozens of foreigners of multiple nationalities to invest and to move to Spain.

Our Position of Independent Property and Relocation Experts allows us focus on the expatriate needs, avoiding them rare situations due to language, law or market ignorance. Your investment will not be in hands of agencies biased for own portfolio and economic interests. We are fully buyer oriented and that will save you time and money.

We speak English and French, and mainly operate in the Mediterranean coast of Spain. If you are planning on investing or living on the Costa Blanca or Costa del Sol, we are your best choice.



Management and identification of the best real estate investment opportunities in Spain for you.


All services to guarantee you a smooth and full adaptation to live in Spain.


To ensure that your taxes, legal paperwork and potential inmigration procedures are treated by the best professionals.


Identification of investment opportunities that guarantee you high profit margins, as well as services of development, renovation and maintenance of your assets.



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She suffered a lack of response from the real estate business until she knew us.…

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He and her wife were a little lost about the proceedings of buying a house…

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After a few viewings we found their dream house by the beach. We negotiate a…

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    New Life. Real Estate and Investment Advisors in Spain – Your Gateway to a Smooth Relocation

    Welcome to A New Life, your dedicated real estate, investment, legal, and relocation advisors in Spain. Whether you’re looking to invest in the flourishing Spanish property market or planning to make Spain your new home, we are here to make the process smooth, secure, and hassle-free.

    At A New Life our primary goal is client satisfaction, backed by our extensive experience and commitment to assisting foreigners in relocating to Spain, whether for a short-term stay or a permanent move.

    We take pride in fostering transparency, availability, and trust, which has led us to successfully guide numerous individuals of diverse nationalities in their journey to invest or reside in Spain.

    With proficiency in English and French, we predominantly operate along the mesmerizing Mediterranean coast of Spain. If you’re considering investing or living on the Costa Blanca, we stand out as your best choice, ensuring unparalleled support and expertise throughout your real estate journey.

    Services in Spain 

    New Life: Our Services as dedicated real estate, investment, legal, and relocation advisors in Spain.

    1. New Life Real Estate:

    Discover the finest real estate investment opportunities in Spain tailored to your preferences and requirements. Our team of experts will identify properties with the highest potential for returns, so you can make the most informed decisions.


    New Life Real Estate Costa Blanca


    2. New Life Relocation:

    Transitioning to a new country can be overwhelming. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive relocation services, ensuring you adapt seamlessly to your new life in Spain. From finding the perfect home to settling into the community, we’ve got you covered.


    New Life Real Estate Costa Blanca


    3. New Life Legal Expertise:

    Leave the complexities of taxes, legal paperwork, and immigration procedures to our network of top-notch professionals. Our reliable team will handle all the necessary legal aspects, giving you peace of mind throughout the process.


    New Life Real Estate Costa Blanca


    4. New Life Comprehensive Solutions:

    Beyond real estate and legal matters, we offer a wide range of services to maximize your investment potential. Our team identifies high-profit investment opportunities and provides development, renovation, and maintenance services to safeguard and enhance your assets.


    New Life Real Estate Costa Blanca

    New Life, Real Estate and Investment Advisors in Spain

    Embark on your Spanish real estate and investment journey with A New Life. We are your dedicated advisors, offering a seamless and secured process to invest or relocate to Spain.

    New Life Real Estate Costa BlancaExplore the thriving Costa Blanca with our specialized guidance and make your dream of living or investing in Spain a reality. Trust A New Life for transparency, availability, and unmatched expertise in the Mediterranean coast of Spain.

    New Life Real Estate Costa Blanca


    The answer is NO, we hold our interests on the people trying to buy, to work or to move in Spain. Agencies typically have their own interests, specially to sell the properties they have in their portfolio, so they are not fully transparent and aligned with the client wants. Our position as collaborators of any agency in the market place, allows us to focus only on our clients’ needs and requirements, without a hidden agenda to sell our own products for higher commissions, but to actually find the best option according to wants, budget, location and other inputs that need to be discussed before start looking for a place to live.

    We are experts in Real Estate services for foreigners, thanks to many years of experience and having gone through most of the rare cases that you could imagine, we know which direction is best when someone from abroad wants to live here, everything that is necessary and its timeline. When the time comes during that process, and the situation requires it, we cooperate with the best professionals in their fields and outsorced those services, coming from law firms, insurance companies, notaries, bank branches, real estate agencies, co working spaces, tax managers, contractors etc. Each customer demands customized services depending on the language they speak, the type of investment they want to make, where they want to work, type of Visa is best for them etc. Therefore, we introduce the expatriate to the best professional for their specific case.

    We hold a position of middle-men in order to helping foreigners to move to Spain, whether temporarily or permanently. Our job is to facilitate expatriates to get stablished in a smooth and safe way. We offer packages that include different services, depending on the client needs or requirements. From opening a bank account, provide full real estate service, to translate and manage all notary paperwork, visa procedures, introduction to tax managers, asset management or even getting the appropriate maintenance guy for your home. We aim to be a local partner of our clients, who finally become friends, and making sure that they do the right step every time, during the transition of investing and/or living in Spain.

    Our main areas of action are the Costa Blanca (Denia, Alicante, Benidorm, Altea, Orihuela Costa, Torrevieja…) and Costa del Sol (Málaga, Benalmádena, Torremolinos, Marbella…). Nevertheless, we can work other areas in Spain with an extra travel costs.